Enrolling at our school


Prep students

Your child is eligible to enter Prep if they turn five by 30 June in that school year. The forms listed below are also required to be completed to enrol into Prep. Please contact us to obtain forms or set up an interview. More information is available on the Prep page.

Years 1 to 6 students

For all enrolments, parents/caregivers need to accompany the student for an interview at the college. An enrolment form signed by parent/caregiver as well as forms listed below are required to be completed.  The Principal and other members of the Administration team are available to discuss individual circumstances. Please contact us for an appointment at the Junior Campus office.

Forms required: 

Things you should bring to the interview:

  • Doctors letters for medication/illness.
  • Family Law Court Orders (if applicable).
  • Child’s proof of birth date.
  • Students previous report card is helpful. 

Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP)

Our ECDP offers a centre – based program for children from 1 to 5 years of age. In these programs our staff develop the children’s experiences through small group and individualised interactions. The learning experiences are planned in collaboration with the parent/s and other team members supporting the child’s development. For information on enrolment into this program please contact the ECDP directly on 3823 9335.

Years 7 and 12 students

For all enrolments, parents/caregivers need to accompany the student for an interview at the College. A copy of a previous report card is helpful. An enrolment form signed by parent/caregiver is also required. The Principal and other members of the Administration are available to discuss individual circumstances. Please contact us at the Senior Campus office for more information.

Students entering Capalaba State College in these year levels require the following:

  • Enrolment Form (PDF, 228 KB)

Repeating students:

Students will generally repeat only Year 12. It would only be considered appropriate to repeat another year level following extensive consultation and testing. Students are provided only 24 semesters (12 years) of education. The Principal has the discretion to grant an extra two semesters where educational benefit can be demonstrated.

Year 12 repeat students would need to apply to the Principal prior to the end of the previous school year. Repeating would be approved only if a clear educational benefit is established and space is available in the required courses.

Mature age students:

Requests to enrol as mature age students (nineteen years and older) are handled individually.

All persons seeking such enrolment are reminded of the special opportunities and advantages offered at the Coorparoo Centre for Continuing Secondary Education where adult classes are held.

Evidence (reports, certificates etc) of the person's previous educational level should be brought to the interview, as well as personal references and evidence of recent work history.

Last reviewed 05 June 2019
Last updated 05 June 2019