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​​​​The Extension Education Programme for Gifted Children is a unique programme designed to meet the needs of gifted children aged 5-13 years located on the Redlands Coast, in Brisbane and surrounding areas in Queensland, Australia.


Our classes are taught by a fully trained teacher with extensive qualifications and experience in gifted education. Students work in a blended model, with some of their time at home working independently under the supervision of the parent, some online with their teacher, and some at the College to explore, learn, develop friendships and find companionship with their intellectual peers.


This learning environment is particularly suited to the needs of gifted children. Intellectual growth is a socially constructed process, and gifted students gain much from interacting with like-minded peers in order to discuss, experiment, explore and reach their potential as learners.


Such students also need teachers and mentors who understand how to shape classroom experiences around the uncommon and wonderful nuances of their thinking.


The interpersonal and instructional dynamics of our program accommodates both of these needs in an atmosphere that is vibrant with intellectual and creative energy and the deepest respect for the individual learner.


Research indicates that many of the emotional and social difficulties gifted students may experience tend to disappear when their educational climates are adapted to their level and pace of learning. On site lessons are limited to smaller groups per day to boost focus and increase engagement time with the Teacher.

The resource scheme fee for this program is $150 per year. Students also need access to an iPad. 


Phase One (Semester One 2021) is a combination of three components.

- Non-negotiable lessons done at home during set times with the teacher using Microsoft teams, generally focussing on literacy and numeracy.

- A combination of lessons using digital programs and at home learning activities set by the teacher according to student ability and independent tasks, done at your own pace with optional participation in lessons during set times using Microsoft teams. Lessons are scheduled according to individual needs, year levels, interest topics, etc.

- Passion projects are supported individually, and mapped against the curriculum with group work and specific support primarily provided on the one or two days on site with the teacher for physical activity, social skilling and access to specialists.


Phase two (Semester Two 2021) is pending the success of phase one, and may be delayed if needed.

The program may expand to include senior campus secondary lessons, provided that:

- the technology is serving us appropriately;

- the nonnegotiable lessons are being completed and students are actively engaging with the negotiable lessons; and

- The teacher is able to adequately record student progression using the Australian curriculum.


Phase two provides Extension Education Programme with access to secondary classes and content that is based at the College. They will be able to liaise with secondary Teachers to support their studies and passion projects.


As the content is not taught in a predetermined sequential method like traditional classrooms, but adjusted depending on the student interest and abilities; progress with the Australian Curriculum is tracked using “Transparent Classroom”. The progress is also used to develop Individual Curriculum Plans.


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Last reviewed 20 April 2021
Last updated 20 April 2021