Payments can be made via cash, cheque or EFT on the following days:

​8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
​8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Payments can also be made online by BPoint or direct deposit. BPoint payments can be made by clicking on the hyperlink in the bottom corner of invoices issued from the College. This will take you to the BPoint payment page which will prepopulate your student's ID, the invoice reference number, and will allow you to nominate a payable amount. 

If you are making a payment by direct deposit, please put your student's name in the reference field along with a brief description of what the invoice is paying. Otherwise, any payments on the account will allocate toward the oldest invoice.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, assistance with your payment (including extensions) may be possible depending on the circumstances and payment type. We encourage you to speak to our Business Service Manager regarding financial difficulties before the due date of the payment.

Online Payments: 


BPoint is an easy to use online payment service provided by the Commonwealth Bank which allows you to pay school invoices securely from your own computer. To make a payment online using BPoint, simply click the BPoint button on this page.

Bank details for direct deposit:

Account Name: Capalaba State College
BSB: 064-172
Account Number: 10074693
Reference: Your student's name and a short reference. 

Centrepay Deductions - Student Resource Scheme Payments:

The Student Resource Scheme can be paid by instalments deducted from your Centrelink benefits. To commence these deductions you will need to complete a Centrepay Deduction Authority (PDF, 472KB) and return this form to the Senior Campus Administration Office. These deductions can also be set up through your myGov account. Please note that Centrepay is only to be set up for payments toward the Student Resource Scheme.


At Capalaba State College, we are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for students, staff and volunteers. This commitment includes the health and safety of staff and students when conducting curriculum activities in the school or in other locations.

School excursions and camps enhance a student’s learning by providing opportunities for the student to participate in activities, both curriculum-related and recreational, outside the normal school routine. All planned school excursions are approved by the Principal and endorsed by the Parents and Citizens Association.

State schools are able to charge a fee for:
  • an educational service including materials and consumables not defined as instruction, administration and facilities for the education of the student;
  • an education service purchased from a provider other than the school where the provider charges the school and;
  • a specialised educational program.
A school fee is directed to the purpose for which it is charged.

School fees for extra-curricular activities are calculated on a cost recovery only basis, according to the number of students who have indicated their attendance.

Participation of students in an extra-curricular activity is indicated through payment of the fee and provision of an online permission form completed by the parent.

As the school budget cannot meet any shortfalls in funding for an extra-curricular activity due to the subsequent non-participation of a student who had previously indicated attendance of the activity, fees already paid for an extra-curricular activity may be refunded in full or in part or not at all, having regard to the associated expenses incurred and the circumstances of the non-participation.

If a parent wishes to apply for a refund due to their child’s non-participation in an extra-curricular activity, they may do so by completing a Request for Refund form available from the school office. Where possible, the request should include the receipt relating to the payment for which a refund is being sought.

It is preferred that refunds be made as a credit against the student’s account at the school, and used to offset any current and future charges. Please note - a refund will only be issued to a parent which is free of any outstanding balance on their student’s school account. Where a balance is owing, a refund will be issued as a credit directly onto the student’s school account to offset any outstanding amounts.
Department of Education and Training policy references:
Last reviewed 16 February 2021
Last updated 16 February 2021